Position Summary

The main focus of any retail manager's job is to improve the performance of Enstock merchandisers by decreasing turnover and maximizing vendor profitability. Achieving performance objectives will require action in one of the main areas of retail activity: store operations; human resources; customer service marketing; logistics; information technology and administration.

Major parts of the job on a day-to-day basis include managing staff, finding new ways to improve sales, and meeting customer demand.

What We Offer

  • EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES WITH THE INDUSTRY LEADER – Our client relationships provide a level of stability few companies can match.
  • PERFORMANCE = REWARD – We offer exceptional earning potential including a base salary as well as performance-based bonuses.
  • UPWARD MOBILITY – We provide excellent career advancement potential.
  • TOOLS FOR SUCCESS – We provide world-class training and advanced technology to help you succeed as a Staffing Manager.


Typical work activities will vary depending on the specific area of retail and whether the store is independent or part of a chain, but may include:

  • Manages day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope.
  • Effectively applies our methodology and enforces project standards.
  • Prepares reviews and quality assurance procedures.
  • Minimize our exposure and risk on a project.
  • Using information technology for data analysis and forward planning;
  • Dealing with staffing issues: interviewing potential staff; conducting appraisals and performance reviews; and providing or organizing training and development;
  • Ensures project documents are complete, current and stored appropriately.
  • Tracks and report team hours and expenses on a weekly basis.
  • Responding to customer complaints and comments;
  • Updating Enstock senior managing on business performance, new initiatives and other pertinent issues;
  • Touring operations regularly, talking to Ensctock merchandisers and customers, and identifying or resolving urgent issues;
  • Initiating changes to improve the business, revising scheduled hours to ensure merchandiser effectiveness.


  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  • Must Be Organized and Pay Great Attention to Detail
  • Recruiting and Interviewing Skills
  • Administrative Skills
  • Working Knowledge of Office Administrative Functions and Microsoft Office Products
  • 2+ Years of Experience – Non Managerial
  • College/University Degrees Not Required