About Our Company

Enstock Solutions is a leading store merchandising firm that services more than 40 counties in North Carolina. Our company provides merchandising services to grocery, retail pharmacy, and other retail outlets.

We believe that trust cannot be achieved without the support of every part of the organization, combined with outstanding processes and systems.

But most importantly, we are nothing without the complete collaboration and support of our valued client partners. It is from this collective that Enstock has become the leader in shelf edge management, planning, scheduling, execution and transparent reporting throughout the industry. We are second to none. So let the professionals at Enstock Solutions lead your retail merchandising programs to the most profitable and sustainable destination.

Leading The Way

Leading the way with quality performance and efficient processes, our seasoned team combines industry leadership and experience with innovative new proprietary technology to maximize retail merchandising execution results for our client partners.

Extensive Knowledge

With extensive knowledge gained through experience in consumer retail in multiple channels ranging from Value to Mass to Grocery, this team brings a unique approach, which has helped Enstock Solutions earn the trust of several leading brands, suppliers and retailers in North Carolina.

Utilization of Only W2 Employees - No 1099 Contractors

Enstock Solutions doesn’t use contractors. We invest in our employees and provide constant training so that we can offer the most experienced staff possible. We feel that our employee’s knowledge is unmatched in the industry. Your company can feel confident that all your initiatives will be completed accurately and on time.

The Best and Only Execution Guarantee - Unmatched in the Industry

Our execution guarantee is simple. If we don't complete the project to specification due to an issue in our control, we will send personnel back to the store until the project is properly completed.

Intense Focus on Operational Efficiency & Productivity

Our profitability is driven by managing all aspects of a project from the planning process to in-store execution to analytic follow-up. This allows us to offer the fastest, most productive and most cost effective retail service product in the industry.

Broad Service Offering Provides One Stop Shop for Your Initiatives

There are three major opportunities for us to help you. We have to (1) Drive Sales, (2) Reduce Cost and (3) Take Work Off Your Desk. The utilization of our merchandising technology and experienced employees puts us in a position to take on your toughest assignments and deliver all three of these major opportunities...quickly and consistently.


We've been around for a bit, so you can be positive you're in good hands!


Over the years, we've gathered a large base of satisfied customers.


Powered by a large team of dedicated people who are constantly striving for perfection.

Are you ready to start simplifying what you do? Enstock Solutions can help.

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