Retail Audits are conducted to ensure that product location, shelf space, displays, pricing, and promotions are executed as agreed upon with companies and retailers. Enstock Solutions Group takes pride in executing efficient and effective retail audits that let the client know exactly the condition of their store. We will perform 3 key steps to a successful audit.

Perform a perimeter walk – “The first step, from a merchandiser’s perspective, is to do a perimeter walk. This is the task of doing a quick walkthrough to check if products and promotions are displayed correctly.

Assess stock levels – As the perimeter walk is conducted, merchandisers are assessing stock levels. At this point, merchandisers should visually assess the store shelves and displays to determine if they’re adequately stocked.

See to it that products are stocked and merchandised correctly – “The third step is to head to the back room and pull the products that have to go on the floor. Merchandisers will then walk to the sales floor, place items on the shelves and make sure the promotions and displays are merchandised correctly.